4 Quick Tips About Personal Injury Marketing

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Exhausted with weak Personal Injury cases? Are you searching for that magical formula that gains you higher valued cases? This is definitely achievable… The goal is to first develop a focused marketing strategy. Aligning your strategy with a core targeted audience, you’ll peak interest at the right time and place, attracting more desirable ...

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7 Untold Secrets to TV Media Advertising

tv media advertising, tv advertising, media advertisingIn a world where we are surrounded by billboards, video clips, and endless marketing campaigns, how can companies separate themselves from the masses?  Many have focused all their attention on Digital Marketing.  However, below the surface, there still remains a highly productive and cost-effective method for reaching the masses, TV Media Advertising.

For those Law Firms looking to increase their caseload and get their phone ringing more ...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Law Firm Marketing

law firm marketing, lawyer marketing, attorney marketing, legal marketing

Have you ever searched endlessly online and longed for a simplistic approach to finding that ideal client lead? You’re definitely not alone. Let’s face it…  You’ve most likely attempted to advertise within your organization and noticed, the competition is fierce, budgets exhaust quickly and efforts don’t compare to the overall worth of ...

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All Law Firms Needs to Market Their Practice

iStock_000010827673_ExtraSmallThe statistics reported by the nation’s law programs are daunting for recent graduates and established firms alike: approximately 40,000 people graduate from America’s law schools every year. Due to the high number of new lawyers entering the work force, competition for attorney positions is formidable, as is the race to sign on new clients. Many large firms have downsized, decreasing the number of attorneys and new hires. This trend has prompted many ...

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Legal Marketing on the Internet

legal marketing In today’s high-tech world, it is imperative that your legal marketing plan incorporate an Internet presence. More and more victims are searching for a personal injury law firm on the World Wide Web than ever before. Technical advances in mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablet computers, allow users to search for an attorney anywhere and anytime. If your firm is not prominently advertising on the Internet, you ...

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