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Some Of Our Lawyers Shared Their Million Dollar Cases With Us – This Could Be You!     


Attorney Client
New York, NY

“We had a nice case that we settled in 3 months for 1.9 million.”

Attorney Client
Los Angeles, CA

“I have enjoyed our long business relationship and wanted to thank you as I recently settled a million dollar plus nursing home case.”

Attorney Client
Pittsburgh, PA

“It’s just the nature of TV advertising…you’re going to get some cases that result in a million dollar outcome. Period. You just will.”

Attorney Client
Morgantown, WV

“It’s a major case where we’ve probably made enough money to pay for our Television budget for the rest of our lives.”

Attorney Client
Boston, MA

“In September, 2011, I was fortunate enough to settle a slip and fall case which came to us through the Lawyer’s Group for the $1 million policy limits. We were able to settle this matter without even entering it in court. In this day and age, that is almost unheard of.”

Attorney Client
Cleveland, OH

“I settled a case at trial last month for $1,000,000. This client came from the Television ads you produced for me. Thank you for helping me succeed.”

Attorney Client
Chicago, IL

I could probably think of 2 or 3 cases that have probably paid for 15 years worth of advertising… just that one single case. We always figure the rest is kind of gravy!

Attorney Client
Miami, FL

“In the two years we have been with you, we have received excellent responses to the ads you run. Economically, the program has been especially worthwhile. We have gotten many six figure cases and even one seven figure case as a result of your ads.”