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How Twitter Can Help Your Law Firm Grow

twitterSocial media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, has solidified itself as a pillar of communication in our society. These online networks can be beneficial to your personal injury law firm by connecting you with clients, building your firm’s reputation and providing marketing opportunities. Twitter, which allows users to post 140-character messages, links, videos and photos, is particularly useful for personal injury lawyers and can take your business to the next level through digital marketing.
[h6]Twitter is Immediate and Captivating[/h6]

Twitter is one of the most fast-paced social media platforms being used by people on their computers, tablets and mobile devices. Because the messages, or tweets, are restricted to a few short sentences, followers are easily captivated and don’t have a chance to lose interest as they might with other forms of marketing, like a lengthy blog post. Twitter allows personal injury attorneys to get to the point quickly and efficiently, and build relationships with clients and other legal experts.

Social media is quickly becoming the main source of information for most people. Twitter has the latest updates on legal matters and other important topics your clients care about. Twitter offers immediate, real-time answers and allows your firm to quickly analyze what matters to your potential clients. If your personal injury firm aims to be ahead of the competition, you need to have a strong social media presence and active engagement with followers on Twitter.

While other forms of digital marketing can take a while to show results, Twitter allows your personal injury firm to create and build an online community in a relatively quick amount of time due to the ease of tweeting and sharing information in a compact format.
[h6]Build Your Reputation and Establish Expertise in 140 Characters[/h6]

Some personal injury attorneys may wonder if using social media, like Twitter, will make them seem unprofessional, but quite the opposite is true. A strong social media presence lets clients and other legal professionals know that your firm is an expert in the field of personal injury and serious about digital marketing. Posting relevant, sharable information on Twitter will help build and solidify your firm’s brand and encourage others to have a favorable opinion of your practice. By responding to questions from followers and actively engaging with your audience, your firm can participate in an effective, two-way conversation with your followers, something that can rarely be done through traditional marketing methods.

Keep in mind though; simply automatically tweeting any new blog post or article associated with your firm is not enough. Followers respond best to posts that feel like they were written by a human. Your audience wants to connect with you, so conversational tones and prompt, accurate follow-ups to interactions are key!
[h6]Networking and Press Opportunities[/h6]

Social media can be a great networking tool for personal injury attorneys. You firm can also seek out press or public relations opportunities through Twitter. Most legal journals, news sources, legal trade publications and influential people in the legal field are active on social media, including Twitter. Building an online relationship with influential people increases the chance that they would consider featuring your firm in an article, guest blog spot, or other opportunities to get your name out there and strengthen your reputation.
[h6]Twitter Relationships Build Trust, Engagement Gets Clients[/h6]

It’s a basic business principle: people are more likely to seek out goods and services from a company that they feel they know and trust. Twitter can help personal injury lawyers establish a trustworthy reputation with potential clients. Clear, consistent posting on social media platforms helps your online audience feel as if they know you and your practice and can trust you with their personal injury case. It may seem like a 140-character tweet can’t have an impact on your firm, but in reality, effectively engaging with a tweet directed at your company and prompt follow-up can lead to high-quality cases.

Be careful though. It’s tempting to just rely on automatically generated post through the many apps available online, but these types of posts, while informative, do little to instill trust and tend to have a very low engagement rate.

With social media, it’s all about building relationships. If your firm takes the time to actively engage with its online audience, those relationships will pay off and help you get a stronger reputation, build trust among potential clients and solidify your role as an expert in the field of personal injury.

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