All Law Firms Needs to Market Their Practice

iStock_000010827673_ExtraSmallThe statistics reported by the nation’s law programs are daunting for recent graduates and established firms alike: approximately 40,000 people graduate from America’s law schools every year. Due to the high number of new lawyers entering the work force, competition for attorney positions is formidable, as is the race to sign on new clients. Many large firms have downsized, decreasing the number of attorneys and new hires. This trend has prompted many new lawyers to go into private practice or to form partnerships with other new attorneys to open their own personal injury law firm.

Many young attorneys, saddled with a large amount of law school debt, choose to focus on personal injury cases due to the high volume of cases and potential profits from large settlements or awards. Because these cases are usually taken on contingency, the rewards for successful outcomes can be substantial. However, finding clients for a new personal injury law firm that has yet to establish a winning track record is no easy feat. Investing in legal advertising is one of the most important steps an attorney can take to get a new personal injury law firm up and running.

Television Advertising for Lawyers

Television advertising for lawyers has become the most effective form of legal advertising in recent years. Combined with a strong Internet presence, TV can help you grow your firm faster than any other medium. Many new attorneys are skeptical about whether they can afford to advertise on television. Custom television commercials are effective, but can be extremely complicated and expensive to produce and run. That is where group marketing for lawyers comes in.

Group legal advertising is usually a wiser choice for a personal injury law firm that is just starting out. A group program involves professionally produced ads that run under the group’s brand. The leads generated by the commercials are distributed to the participating attorneys who practice in the caller’s geographic area, proportional to the advertising budget contributed by each firm. Because the group pools the resources of a large number of different firms, it can get significantly lower production costs and ad rates than a single law practice.

Group Legal Advertising with Lawyers Group

Lawyers Group has over 30 years of experience helping both new and established law offices increase their caseloads with group marketing for lawyers. Combining the resources of hundreds of firms across the United States brings costs down dramatically. Group advertising for lawyers is a way that a personal injury law firm just starting out can get the phone to ring immediately, and at a fraction of the cost of producing and running custom TV ads. The company combines television ads with a dynamic web presence to offer the lowest cost per lead and cost per case in the legal advertising industry. This affordable program can help a new or existing personal injury law firm to grow its business. To learn more about group legal advertising, call Lawyers Group at 1-877-614-5678.